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Rebecca Bratten Weiss
Writer, editor, reporter

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Rebecca Bratten Weiss is digital editor at U.S. Catholic Magazine. She has written extensively on religion, arts, culture, and politics. Rebecca's critical essays, opinion pieces, and reported works have appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, The Tablet, Image Journal, Plough, Commonweal, The Christian Century, and America Magazine, among others. 


Her recent poetry chapbook The Gods We Have Eaten (2023) is available from Bottlecap Press. She is also the author of Talking to Snakes (Ethel Zine and Press), and Mud Woman, a collaboration with Joanna Penn Cooper (dancing girl press). Her poems have been featured in numerous publications, including New Ohio Review, Connecticut River Review, Two Hawks Quarterly, Shooter, Westerly, Three of Cups, Sandy River Review, Presence, Channel Magazine, and Convivium Journal.

In addition to writing poetry and essays, Rebecca also freelances as a local reporter in the Appalachian Ohio community where she resides.

Rebecca holds degrees in philosophy and English literature, and taught university courses in both fields for over ten years. She has also offered online courses and tutorials in literature and creative writing through Convivium School, Muse Writing Collective, and independently.

Affordable tuition, student loan forgiveness are crucial for a just society
March 24, 2021

Many of us were disappointed recently, by reports that President Joe Biden was unwilling to support canceling student loan debt up to $50,000. Student loan debt is not merely a problem for the culture and economy in the United States; it is a genuine crisis....Read more at the National Catholic Reporter 

Barron's 'beige Catholicism' erases years of racial, social justice activism

March 10, 2021

Bishop Robert Barron's recent piece detailing the "evangelical path" of his organization Word on Fire has provoked heated debate over his use of the term "beige Catholicism" to refer to the faith of liberal or progressive Catholics. It's not the first time he's used the term....Read more at the National Catholic Reporter

Amy Coney Barrett is not a feminist icon — she is not a feminist at all
October 14, 2020

President Donald Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court seat formerly held by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is heavy with culture war significance. Before her nomination was even official, Barrett was already being lauded as the latest conservative hero — and, in a surprising twist, as a new feminist icon....Read more at the National Catholic Reporter 


COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a dangerous providentialism among Catholics
September 3, 2020

In March, Msgr. Charles Pope, a pastor in Washington, D.C., wrote a piece for the National Catholic Register condemning the closing of churches in Rome due to the COVID-19 pandemic....Read more at National Catholic Reporter

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