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Editing Services

Rebecca has worked as a remedial writing coach, instructor of rhetoric and composition, editor of scholarly articles, and creative writing teacher. 


She offers three different editing services depending on your particular needs and the nature of your project.

1) Proofreading and copy editing


This entails cleaning up any typographical errors, as well as correcting errors of grammar, punctuation, or usage. 


rate: .02 per word

2) Line editing and style editing

This addresses rhetorical effectiveness and clarity of communication.

rate: .05 per word

3) Developmental and creative content editing

This involves looking at the work as a whole, in the context of the expectations for its genre, with an eye towards continuity, development, and material content. For academic or professional work this would involve issues such as thesis, argument, and organization; whereas for creative work this would look mean focusing on voice, irony, imagery, character, and plotting. 

rate: .10 per word

Note: these rates are intended to give you a general idea of what we might agree on for a particular work, as I am flexible in relation to the nature of the writing, and the particular needs of the writer.

If you are interested in contacting me regarding editing services, please use the "contact" button and complete the form, to get in touch. 

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